Union County


Union County is home to Eastern Oregon University and is the arts & cultural hub of Northeastern Oregon.

The city of La Grande offers unique arts & culture opportunities for community members and visitors alike. The symphony orchestra, live theater, and numerous art festivals all contribute to Union County’s growing arts community.

Arts Center East, a local arts-services organization, provides year-round artistic experiences at its historic Carnegie Library building. Their artistic offerings include a gift gallery, monthly art exhibits, art classes for children and adults, cultural events, workshops, and community ensemble opportunities.

More information about Art Center East can be found at www.artcentereast.org, or stop by the Union County Chamber of Commerce for complete visitor information at 207 Depot St.

Updated to reflect Covid-19 cancellations…

Arts Trail
Annual Events
  • Grande Ronde Symphony Orchestra: Concerts in March, May & November, as well as a year-round chamber concert series. 
    McKenzie Theater, La Grande. 
  • Cove Cherry Fair
    Cove Ascension School Camp / August 15, 2020
    (Fair is cancelled, but there will be a parade)
  • Arts For All: 25 inspiring and educational art stations in the widest variety of mediums and styles we can fit under one roof. This free event is an inspiring way to celebrate the arts in our community and has become a La Grande tradition. 
    La Grande / April 20-21
  • Ladd Marsh Bird Festival: Birders get special access to wildlife areas, as well as opportunities to engage with local artists athe Plein Air Event. 
    Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area, 7 miles South of La Grande / Weekend after Mother’s Day
  • Union Grassroots Festival
    Downtown Union / 2nd Weekend in August
  • Eagle Cap Excursion’s “Wine & Cheese Train”
    All aboard for a scenic journey through one of Oregon’s 7 Wonders.
    Elgin / End of September
    (Cancelled for 2020)
  • Eastern Oregon Film Festival 
    112 Depot St, La Grande / October 22-24, 2020
  • Season’s Faire: Celebrates local and regional artists and is a fundraiser for a free two-day art & craft event for children in the Spring (Arts for All). 
    Art Center East & Loso Hall, La Grande / 1st Weekend in November
    (Cancelled for 2020)
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